Tips for Au Pair and Host and Families

3-6 months preparation time are ideal!

 To optimally prepare for your stay in a host family, you should first  seek much contact with the household in which you are applying.

 Take this correspondence, e-mails, phone or image conferences via Skype or other portals.

 Send photos and check all the images come that give you a sense of the family, the housing situation and the environment.

 Explain your offer, you show willingness to compromise, flexible and  remember that come on lucrative offers always more than one application  at the same time. You are in the candidates roll! Even if you do it at the age of life experience "not necessary have" to put up with everything, so you should still start your expectations at  the beginning rather low. All the better you later experience the reality and the more sustainable are positive experiences and imposing new impressions. My personal goal could be geared to make new friends around the world. Friendships are based on give and take, to trust, to help and be there for each other.

 The program 50plus is not about jobs in the traditional sense. The agencies provide no full-time jobs and do not operate job placement. Put yourself in the best situation of the host family in which you are applying. What is expected from you in return for free board and lodging? If the expectations of customary aids, as it is expected from family  members addition, you should also negotiate a pocket money.

 Again and again, agencies are asked how high should be pocket money. There is no general answer. If in addition to childcare and household tasks are taken over, there  is a week in some cases, between 100 and 150 Euro pocket money. Some families pay more, some absolutely nothing. For travel expenses or investments language courses are paid in some cases.

 If you are looking for a Aupair 50plus stay only because of financial  interests, we would recommend you to take our program distance.

 If host families "are looking for only a cheap domestic help", we also recommend to refrain.

 You are not a worker for the homestay. Comparable to be a long-term leave your residence. It offers free and get full board. In return, you take on tasks in the household. Talk about the envisaged daily and weekly schedule. Define the tasks that are expected of them. Clarify when and on what days you can learn only at leisure land and people and excursions.

 Inform yourself about public transport connections means locally. Get on Google Maps an idea of ​​the environment in the host town. Ask if you are allowed to use a car occasionally.

 In addition, you should also talk with the family about what this in  the education of children is important, if you take childcare.

 We recommend later to leave a few things to explain on the spot, which  are of course for the family, such as. For example, the operation of  household appliances. Before you bring children to kindergarten or to school, you can be the paths and the surrounding area show. The same goes for shopping.

 Inform yourself. Spot on emergency numbers for doctors and emergency services.

Save important contact person and record numbers of family members personally and professionally.

 Connect - as recommended on vacation - travel insurance from. You should have a personal liability insurance and further also an accident insurance recommended.

 On the subject of impressions, we would like to point out that already  in the preselection of applications, a greater focus on profiles is  always directed with photo. Photos convey impressions and sympathies. Pure texts are only later - if ever - observed. Our tip: Be sure to charge a photo to your profile high. If you do not want to show the same person, you should still upload a  nice picture, which differs in each case of the flat-rate default avatar images.

 A big request of the agency: If an exchange has shown you should inform us. It does it have hidden costs either for the family or for you. But we want that the profiles have a current status. So if you, for example, spend 3 months in foreign countries, your profile for this period should show a "red dot". Please send us a short e-mail. Of course we are happy about every review and photos!


Recommendation to Au Pairs and host families
In order to avoid later misunderstanding, use our model agreement:
                         Pattern Au Pair Contract


Respect for experience and age is particularly important!

To optimally prepare for the inclusion of an au pair, you should first maintain a lot of contact with the au pair job. Take this correspondence, e-mails, phone or image conferences via Skype or other portals.

Please respond to all applicants. The politeness demands.

 If you are looking for is not currently, change the status of your  profile from "green" to "red" or in a search for a later time to  "yellow".

 Send yourself photos and check all the images come that convey a personal impression of the au pair.

 Aupair 50plus gives women (in exceptional cases also men) in many cases - whether as a senior Aupair in your family, as a Housesitter,  shareholders (in) or senior supervisors (in).

As the mediation procedure?

 1. Register for free. Your e-mail contact details are for all the au pairs that have a premium status, visible if you have the Premium-Status, too.

 2. Get the premium membership. In order to become active and to write Aupairs your choice, you need a premium status.

Connect a contract with the au pair?

 Aupair 50plus connects people worldwide. It is a personal agreement between you and the au pair who will be without a formal contract with legal liabilities. If there are problems or disagreements, the au pair can leave at any time. But it takes you also have the opportunity to ask the au pair at any time, cancel the stay.

What does the 50plus Hire Aupair?

 Even without registration, you have the option, in peace and as often as you like to look at all the offers in peace. The profiles are shown, however, only the most important information. If you have found interesting offers, then you should be a premium  member and actively contact these profiles themselves via email.

There is no brokerage fees.

What is paid to the Senior Aupair?

 In principle, no payment is provided. The au pair concept is based on reciprocity. Our agency is not a job or job placement and our main concern are the  cultural exchange and the integration of au pairs in a family. If you would like the au pair to pay pocket money, or the au pair holds himself a salary of the acquired activities is appropriate, you should  discuss this with the au pair and come to an individual agreement.

How long can a length of Stay 50plus?

 The duration of the stay, you agree individually with the au pair. Remember, however, that the au pair is taking a private trip as a  tourist and is linked to the visa regulations for your country. Most of the time our au pairs wish stays between 3 and 12 months. But there are au pairs who want to try this offer initially for 6-8 weeks.

What can an au pair 50plus do all this?

 Our au pairs have many advantages over the young au pairs: they are  living out, most have their own raised children, they are well versed in financial management, are aware of their own strengths and limits and  are responsible and reliable. You will know your children are in good hands! A Aupair 50plus should be included as a family member, as Grandma or Grandpa to time, and not as a cheap domestic help. Just as you would not expect it from her own mother, also an au pair should not work hard for 8 hours a day. The au pair may participate for example in the housework, take care of  the children and talk to them in their native language, help with  homework, prepare meals, take the children to kindergarten or pick them  up from there. A Aupair 50plus can also be integrated in a childless family as a  shareholder, except for conversation, for common errands or visiting  cultural events. Another new feature is the offer of eldercare.

Leisure scheme for senior Aupairs?

 An au pair should have sufficient free time to spend it according to their own wishes and ideas. A stay abroad should an au pair ever open up the chance to get to know the host country.

What motives have senior Aupairs?

 Our au pairs are almost exclusively seasoned women, for example, as  teachers, flight attendants, teachers, secretaries, geriatric nurses  were so employed, or there are even more. They are usually between 40 and 75 years old, active and curious. They are very interested in useful and interesting activities, like  other cultures and customs to know, and deepen their language skills. You want to be involved in a family, because they may not have their own grandchildren or those living farther away. For many of the au pairs au pair stay is the fulfillment of a lifetime dream, which is staffed with wishes and expectations. To take this step at an advanced age, requires a lot of courage and often is not easy. The Aupairs want appreciation, respect and recognition in the new environment.


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