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June 16th, 2015
Letter to my home

Hello, all Beloved home!

... I had three months to settle me in my new hometown Oppenheim and  develop a certain routine in my beautifully decorated FengShui  apartment. In the town itself, I feel very comfortable and well received, my new acquaintances is growing steadily. Time to go for shopping or anything outside something else to do is always  to meet someone, to share, to learn the latest news or to get other  information.

In February and March of this year I was again in Lille in France to improve my French language skills.
In June it was again so far as to go on trips.

In early June I was still part of a delegation of the twinning of  Oppenheim in Sant Ambrogio in Italy on Lake Garda, the marble stronghold of Europe, and incidentally, visit the cities of Verona, Brescia and  Bardolino. I liked it so well, so I'll go to Verona again.

Housed I was with really love new friends on a gorgeous country estate, of  course, equipped with a lot of marble, causing a very pleasant coolness  in the heat in the house.

In Sant Ambrogio I have so much warmth, vitality, wine aficionados, good  Italian food and two endless balmy evenings long experienced and  together with the Mayor took the hard core after midnight later still to friends on a night drink. Is there the in Germany at all? I can not remember anymore.

It was just great.I especially although long but very entertaining bus ride liked to Italy  and back with me another hitherto unknown Oppen Heimern. There was so much to laugh, to hear, to tell and to be amazed and I am looking forward to see one or the other again.

While I was recently the pension apply from autumn this year I did but then  let it be, after I realized that I get a lot more if I another 15 months in addition to work and "deposit money". That is now, I am looking for a job last from October 2015 to December 2016, and then confidently to receive a pension that allows me a certain  standard of living even in old age.

Since a few days now I'm in Rabat in Morocco.It has emerged spontaneously.

I have adopted for the next two months a job at a German-Moroccan diplomatic couple, who returns next year to Germany. The three children aged two to eight years to be prepared for the German  language in speech and writing, and also brought to the German habits. In budget also English, French, Arabic and Moroccan is spoken alongside German.Huge!

During my flight from Madrid to Rabat it was on the plane to such a fair, that should prepare me for the practice in the streets of Morocco. The reception at the airport was quite fabulously made ​​with lots of colorful warm lights, as well as in the city.

Erfahrungen Aupair 50plus

I live in the very luxurious Ambassador district in Rabat in a central  whitewashed palace is surrounded by a beautifully landscaped gardens  with large pool. My separate apartment is very spacious, with a large balcony, overlooking the countryside and absolute tranquility.

Of course, the system is shielded from the outside in accordance with and  at night watching a night watchman in his house in front of the house  and at night turns its rounds on the safety of the embassy staff (and  now also my :-)). Reisebericht Aupair 50plus

Not only that, two housekeepers are alternately engaged in the house, also  belongs to a gardener and a worker who constantly cleans and monitors  the pool.

The whole thing has been a significant touch of a Hollywood movie.

Because in my neighborhood all countries their embassies (US, Russia, Iran,  Libya, England ... ...) have been established, you see the guardhouse  also abound in front of private residences and it is patrolled  everywhere.

More or less around the corner is the Royal Polo Square to find and not far away from the golf course.

My work with the children is going great and I'm really lucky with the whole family. We get along very well and for me it is a great addition, I try also into  this plane and bring all the experiences from my own life.

I am very pleased that I have this opportunity to be part of a family, even though - or perhaps fortunately - limited.And above all, I am pleased to be able to get to know the country of Morocco.

From the Embassy me a companion was promised by car for a sightseeing tour for one day, for free of course.

At a change of course not missing.In addition to the homework with German educational booklets, which I  brought after thorough recommendation from the library from Germany, in  addition to a myriad of existing games in specially equipped playroom  next to sports facilities in the park, swimming at any time in the pool  (the middle rung learns rd straight with me), tents, roller skating and  cycling, zoo visits, visits to the shopping mall for ice cream and ice  skating (!), etc., also invite other families are already firmly  scheduled. All things for children, including parents hardly ever have time.

And it belongs as an embassy official also an obligation to provide regular invitations at the same level.

So we were yesterday at a kids birthday party of the son of the prince from the royal family.I felt like in an  American film with Mickey Mouse and Co., buffets  prepared and served by the royal cooks, clowns for the children,  chauffeured limousines outside the house, etc.

On the way back I was able to drive my host with diplomatic license plate, the children go through Rabat home, so my first car ride, but at very  satisfactory (without me having my driver's license here, had one more  international have; foreigners are here year go without international  driver's license).

It is said that the Moroccans as driving a car, that you said, they have no exterior and interior mirror.It is therefore looked neither to the right nor to the left and in general there are indeed rules, but are not followed.I know the traffic of Paris, which is based on "elbow style", in Rabat, he is, however, a fine line.

This afternoon I was with my hostess in the medina of Rabat with the large market, the souk and the sea.An absolute experience in itself and well worth seeing with all the narrow streets. And everywhere is the national drink of Moroccan mint with green tea and a lot of sugar, offered and drunk.

As of Friday I take the car completely for trips with the kids and while I try not to orient in the city, unfortunately without Navi, but it's  also so very well.

For tomorrow the wife of the prince, and her family has invited to a swimming trip to the sea. Wow! As I said, I always think I am now in the movie or in real life!

On the other hand I get with the real life, of course, also provide  insights outside of tourism. Both in the local culture as well as in the background of the political processes, which is very interesting for  me, to give me your own picture And I can only conclude that it is very exciting.

There would be much more to say, but it is not appropriate at the moment here. Much is simply top secret.

So I got a phone card for my phone, I had to, for example, can copy my passport. Everything is registered and checked.

My Trips as a human being, not as a tourist, I always offer the  possibility of the country and people to meet up close with all the  wishes, ideas, visions, concerns and needs, whether in matters large and small, individually as well as globally. Much I can not judge, because there is still a world behind the scenes, to  which I also do not come zoom ... that a little just opens me the  curtain, at least in the context in which I move now.

The days go by very fast and I fall into bed exhausted at night.

On Thursday, the Ramadan starts and the country is in a celebratory mood, similar to our Christmas.Now in Moroccan households large quantities of cookies and many other  treats with lots and lots of sugar are baked and cooked, which may then  be eaten from about 21:30 in the evening in addition to the normal food. The breaking of the fast each evening will begin with a glass of buttermilk and a fresh date and may be eaten until dawn. Even the children are already introduced to this daily fasting, what if they did it, is celebrated at night as a birthday.

For me, as long Fasterin the Ramadan fast has of course nothing to do with  health from a medical or physical point of view, it is also only the  religious attitude of Moroccans. When I look at myself to public health in this country, so it also leaves much to be desired.

Of course, this Ramadan fast has its impact on the daily lives of both  economic and in the individual area, but it's just an old tradition and  the Moroccans may be the also not immune. The country is now in a state of emergency for the next four weeks.

I hope you are well. As of August I'll probably be back in Germany, and maybe then I see one or the other of you.I would be delighted.

From Morocco I send you my best regards and wish you all the best.

Eure Brigitte

5th July, 2015
from a letter in the home

How embarrassing!... Today I was back in the house of the prince of the royal family invited along with my host family.
Meanwhile, we know the guards, may go in and out without visible control, of  course, with prior consultation by phone and directly by investing into  the house accompanied by some Moroccan decorated and liveried servants.

Before the house stood a young, unknown to me man, dressed very casually, I  panelist as a friend of the family and not very respected.
After I greeted the princess, this man came up to me and gave me very familiar hand. Oh, shock ... I had not recognized him!It was the prince himself, who had to shave off his beard by order of the  king, having recently held the various terrorist attacks. As he told me, the danger is too great that he will classified as a terrorist in his travels. Now I recognized him right, he seemed much younger, but in fact he is  already 35 years old, understands German very well, loves Bitburger and  Warsteiner beer and is very natural and friendly. The conversation with the guests will be held in English and French, sometimes in German.
Constantly any employees were around us and there were drinks served according to our wishes. In addition there was the Princess of homemade cherry cheesecake, although burned, but still quite good. She loves to bake, but this is not so often happens, as a cook is just as much to the staff.
If one disregards of all the pomp around it and behind the high walls,  then you might think you're at a friend's guest, very informal and  casual.

I've apologized a few times and all had amused for a while about my misadventure.How embarrassing.

Unfortunately, it is not allowed to take pictures, elsewhere in the city and at  certain places you will be advised to refrain from it.
That's really a shame because it would be very interesting, especially noted the differences.

I think in ten days of Ramadan over.People are daytime as delirious, hang around, may since have almost three weeks from sunrise to sunset do not eat or drink. With a bomb blow about in the evening at a quarter to eight clock (all  fasters residents in the country in front of your table setting and  waiting and that prayer is proclaimed from the minarets) then people  start with a sip of milk / buttermilk and a date, the so-called fasting  (for me it's forced starvation) to break. Here eat and drink a lot so violent and much that they need in the hospitals with stomach problems.
During the night, they have to get up at certain intervals, go to the mosque or at home praying. People are totally exhausted and the life in everyday life is totally compromised, nothing runs more normal. On July 1st, the summer season has started, ie it is always worked only reduced.
If a Muslim smokes on the street, eats or drinks, then it may be that he  is put in jail by the police for this "offense" what actually occurs.Unless he has this one card that he is ill.

If possible, you should never visit the days of Ramadan Morocco, there is an absolute state of emergency in the Muslim world.
To travel to Casablanca or Marrakech, at the moment makes no sense at all, because the towns are deserted.

Tomorrow I'm going to look at that museum and again consider the mausoleum from the inside.

I hope you survive the great heat in Germany well.With us it is quite pleasant, even hot, but with ocean breeze.

Greetings from Rabat,

Aupair 50plus

This is the luxury Patisserie Arnaud, pastries, tarts, etc. until you drop. Here the richest people and their ambassadors are lining up at the doors and park the thickest luxury cars.1/2 kg finest patisserie cost me 70 dirhams = 7 Euro (in Paris would cost at least 40 Euro).

Senior Au Pair

This is a luxury residential complex with guards, caretakers, everywhere, really everywhere cameras to monitor. Since I hold also the transport service with the diplomatic car, I had to pick up a child here by a child's birthday.Luxury apartment on two floors, the American father a member of the World Bank and Professor of psychology mother, stationed for two years in Rabat,  everything completely at the expense of the American state.(Contrast, Germany takes over only part of the costs abroad for its diplomats.)

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