Opinions from our members of Au Pair 50plus part 2

August 27th, 2015

Hello Mrs Günther!
Since one week I am back at home. I had a very nice time, 6 Mon, at Fam. O. in Canada. Annabelle I supervised all day. We had a lot of fun together.

best regards
Ch. R.

August 27th, 2015

Dear Mrs Günther,
I am now four weeks SL and their three little girls in C. near Madrid. The family is very nice.We understand each other very well and it brings me a lot of fun here. On days I have looked for many cities and of course Madrid.At 30.10.I fly home.

Kind regards

July 14th, 2015

Hello Mrs Günther,
this is my experience -very either the positive report that you are welcome to publish.

On April, 16th, 2014 I'm sitting in the A 380 from MUC to Dubai. This is not a holiday beginning, but I'm going to spend the next few months as a "granny" with a young family. I am very curious, what to expect, how will I receive and how my new home is. Also, I must not forget to introduce the clock two hours ... The Dubai  Airport greets me at 24.00 clock with sweltering 30 degrees. My host mother M. comes very elated over to me and hugged me warmly.

My App. is tiny but very lovingly and pragmatically furnished with everything "woman" needs. Even a small desk with a laptop and internet connection I could get. The next day I got to know the rest of the family and also the 2-annual. Son, I had to take care of immediately.

My host parents wanted me to show the "Madinat Jumeirah" also necessarily; this is a hotel and opened in 2004 with an extremely complicated business center lagoon city in the style of Arab palaces. I was just fascinated and enthusiastic..Aupair 50plus Aufenthalt

In E., the 2-annual Son I was for the total Services responsible, to domestic clearing the breakfast table, at noon when requested to prepare food and cook in the evening. For invitations, or barbeques I have of course the salads and the food prepared with. These all pure-back into the dishwasher and of course clear up again.

Aupair 50plus AufenthaltOn my day off, on Saturday, me my host parents are invited to insert a common day at the beach. For this we went to another emirate and were in the hotel with a day pass to use the beach chairs, umbrellas for free. Also you got a large bath towel, which was released back in the end. The beach was endlessly and almost empty. For this purpose, a chilled beach bar with super cocktails, just lovely.

With the 2-jähr.E. I have befriended. We played in the garden in the sandbox, built sand castles, baked a  cake tins, chased away the ants and admired a gecko on the wall.

Meanwhile, we are also driven alone by taxi to the mall. E. loved driving a cab and was thrilled. The Arabs are very child friendly and were also enthusiastic about the aufgeweckten guy. In the Mall of Emirates, we have gone to the "'Ski Dubai". E. has pressed against the glass nose flattened and no longer wanted to get away. The ski slope with artificial snow is very quirky, but the Arabs have  the most fun and go with enthusiasm lift and romp in the snow. 

After E. has finished his nap, I'm usually gone with him to the playground or to swim. I really enjoy it and E. with his water wings did not want out of the water. 

From my host parents I got a ticket for the Big Bus Tour. This has the advantage that one of the attractions offAupair 50plus Aufenthalt without problems and after a visit can go into another bus again. The language to be set at its head office can itself. Among other things, we made a stop in the "Atlantis" The Palm. Unfortunately, you can only stay on the ground floor, the OG`s are reserved for hotel guests.
Aupair 50plus Aufenthalt
Meanwhile, it is now really summer and the temperatures rise to 40 degrees ... In  the morning I go with E. mostly in a game center for toddlers. Since it is well air-conditioned, there are plenty of play areas for the kids yet. Through a glass wall, the mothers can work on a laptop, phone and simultaneously watch their offspring. It is also a cafe with high chairs, baby changing facilities, changing tables and much more here. 

In the evening we play football in the garden together, observe the agile  gecko and marvel at the green parrots that one almost overlooks the palm trees. And if E. with his little scooter feels like he accompanied me while jogging. He had gotten used to me after a while and we had a lot of fun and joy.

With a laughing and crying eye I said goodbye after 3 months. Happy that I learned so know a very pleasant and lovely family and was actually incorporated as a full member of the family. Fully motivated me in the next
Adventure to overthrow ...

If someone is open, tolerant and curious, then I can only recommend this sense enlargement.

With kind regards
Moni L.

June 2nd, 2015

Dear Mrs Günther,
Thank you very much for your email. ......
We already had two au pairs last year and were very pleased.
Thank you and best regards,
Astrid H., Rabat, Morocco

March 27th, 2015

Good day Mr and Mrs Günther,
We are very satisfied with their agency. Last year we were as a couple-au-pairs with two families and have had positive experiences.
Thank you for your help.
Remain with kind regards
Christine and Max G., Switzerland


Radiobericht hr4 über Senioren Aupair

Radiobericht November 2014

Der Kanada-Aufenthalt wurde über Aupair-50plus.de vermittelt.

Als Leih-Omi ins Ausland
eMail aus Singapore

E-Mail from Singapore
March 31st, 2014

E-mail Inbox March 31st, 2014
Hello Mrs Günther,

We have our fourth Granny Au Pair au pair of 50+ was told last week welcome.I thought it might interest you to hear how we are satisfied with the Au Pair Granny to date:

Previously on us we had Mrs. B., Mrs. G., Mrs. F., and just arrived: Mrs. R.

  • General feedback that they are welcome to quote: All the ladies go lovingly and competently with our children to.The ladies seem to enjoy Singapore very, and recreational opportunities with us. Several women have attended an English course, and all travel to the Southeast Asian area. The Au Pair 50plus concept seems extremely good fit for our family: We have an experienced mother, who may very well help at home with the  children. The routine in dealing with the children, and the sense of responsibility, we consider ourselves very much. The German our children has tremendously improved.In fact, German is now the strongest of the three languages ​​spoken by our children.

    Kind regards from Southeast Asia! Angelina O.

A year off and a dream come true as Senior Aupair

Gila G. from Wetzlar (26 January 2014)

It has always been my dream to live a long period abroad and to experience the daily and annual flow in other contexts. After a major upheaval in my life in Germany, I decided now to make this dream come true. Here I came to the homepage Aupair 50plus and had to live fascinated by the  possible-ness in this way, with another family abroad. From the first browse to the site I liked the family New from Laos into the  eye, but also inquiries from Thailand and Canada found my interest.

After several days of deliberation, I decided Premium Member at Aupair to be  50plus and to establish contacts with different families. Markus Neuer from Luang Prabang in Laos was the first to answer.I rummaged in the Internet to find out more about Laos and the city of Luang Prabang out.Everything sounded interesting and exciting the country by the people are counted  among the most endearing in Southeast Asia, which has no tourist  attractions, this impressive landscape, a noticeable everywhere serenity and a special kitchen. Luang Prabang, since 1995 a World Heritage Site, with its more than 30  monasteries a favorite destination of travelers and people from around  the world who visit, mostly on a road trip, and Laos.That it should be, I decided secretly for me. With Markus Neuer, there was a nice email exchange, he told me about his  family, Ber (Laotian) the mother of his two children, Luka (3.5 years)  and Delilah (5.5 years) and both of their work, the travel agency a,  including a guest house and a restaurant

There was a first Skype contact and for me to the point now to speak to my sons and sisters and to share them with my request. They were all surprised by my plans, talking too fast for me well: "Do that, that's for sure exciting and enriching for you. "We also visit you, they promised. A friend who I told my plans was very excited because she had already  learned Luang Prabang on a trip to Asia to know and loved the country  and the city.

All this took place in November / December 2012, and I was soon clear that  preparations need a long time, I was still well integrated into my  self-employment as a trainer and coach.Before Christmas 2012, I made ‹the decision October 2013 I'm ready and will go. The decision sparked beautiful Christmas, illustrated book of Laos, Travel  Guide, an image on the stand in Laos Lao font and a calendar with  target-oriented sayings.

With Markus New I arranged a meeting in February / March 2013 when he is on a visit to Germany. The date of the meeting was the 12 March 2013. It was a day full of  obstacles, snow chaos on the highway, traffic congestion everywhere, but despite all odds, I met, although to three hours later, Markus at a  cafe in Aschaffenburg. After nearly two hours intensive exchange, I had heard a lot, how he came to  Laos and how the family New framing her life there, I told about my  family, my work and especially about my motivation to be an au pair  50plus, stood for us both states, "the right chemistry", the project can proceed to the next phase.

The next step for me, it was a date for my departure fixed-indicated, so  that all one goal and thus get energy should - October 7 was the magic  date.From now on all the preparations and planning were running towards this date.I explained the break with my business partners, and all began to  organize what is needed for an extended stay abroad, banking and  monetary affairs, health and other insurance, which rests and what needs to be logged off, doctor visits, check for many things, what you need  additionally and what to avoid.Then there was the apartment, the house in which I lived.Since there was announced change, I decided also to plan a move.From this planning ultimately was an excerpt, I deposited my furniture,  household items, books and everything I would have liked at a moving  company, and retired for the last week before my departure to a friend  who had offered me for one year a room in the attic.Everything went perfectly and my family, many friends and girlfriends were very helpful to me aside.

When I then Markus announced that he would come the end of September again  for a few weeks with his son Luka to Germany and everything was arranged so that we would meet in Bangkok to then jointly continue to fly to  Luang Prabang, I was delighted.After a hearty farewell to family and friends, took me to my sons, Janick and Pepe (both students) on October 7 in the late afternoon at the  Frankfurt airport and at 21:00 clock started my "Aupairjahr" in Luang  Prabang Laos.I was full of joy and expectations and at the same time willing to let everything come to me with openness.

After a quiet flight, I arrived late in the afternoon in Bangkok.The hotel shuttle worked as planned and I sniffed the air until Asia.The next morning, 9 clock meeting point lounge of Bangkok Airlines, "here there is tea.Coffee and snacks, "says Markus last phone call in Germany.I sat there in the first tea when Mark and Luka, a little bleary-eyed from the flight arrived there.So I have learned to know Luka.

At 13:30 we landed on time with a propeller plane of Lao Airline in Luang Prabang.It was hot and the sun was glowing on the air-space field through which we walked to the reception building.The formalities for the visa, 31 days $ 31, the queue of tourists lasted pursuant long.Until I got to the baggage carousel, Markus had already charged my suitcase and my bag and together we headed towards the exit.Outside the airport waiting for us Ber and Delilah, who greeted her father and Luka radiant.With a minibus we now drove into town and first impressions from traffic, houses and people streamed in upon me.Our goal was the Guesthouse Suan Maak, where I had my stay for next time.It was hot, the fan ran at full speed and everything was new.

Mark and Luka went home in the residence of the family of new, three doors down at the next street corner.Since Ber, Markus wife a few days ago had a birthday, a birthday and welcome party was scheduled for the evening.All friends and acquaintances had joined up during the evening in the garden of family Neuer.There was Laobeer, red wine and my first Lao food.So I got on the first evening to know a lot of friends, foreigners and Laotians who should I meet more often in the near future.

In the ensuing days, I learned to know the city better and to orient myself.The peninsula between the Mekong and Nam Kam is dominated by three major  streets and many small alleys, countless Guesthouses, hotels and  restaurants.In Sisavangvong place every evening from 18 clock the night market.In a small alley right at the beginning of the night market, there is a  food market where you can buy at many buffets for 10,000 kip a plate  Laotian vegetables, pasta and rice.Fried fish, chicken and Laotian sausages are grilled on an open fire.

The family of new, especially Markus gave me a good introduction to Laotian life and helped me in the first few days with phone card, Internet  access (WIFI, there are almost everywhere in restaurants and cafes) and  all the important things that I should know.They let me arrive time and make friends with the Guest House, and especially the Kin countries, Luka and Delilah.

With Luka I spent in the first week, a day in the Prehshool, which I should not visit often for three months.Here I was also equal to face the challenge that the kids understood little to no English and I could not speak Lao.Like everywhere else in the world, with children's understanding in spite of everything and common games, painting and singing is fun for everyone.

Peter, the Belgian owner, took my offer to come regularly and help with thanks.Later, I was responsible for a few weeks a group of children alone, as a Laotian teacher had failed in the short term.

My responsibilities in the family Neuer proved varied and always oriented towards the daily requirements.In the morning I help getting up and making breakfast the children and then take them to the various schools.In the beginning with a newly acquired scooter, which was unfortunately stolen after a few weeks in the night.

Since I had learned so therefore know and deal with the Laotian traffic well, dared Ber to the mother, me driving. From 16 clock-who the children again picked up from school and then has time to play with the neighbors' children around the Guesthouse.Delilah has to their daily chagrin, even making everyday homework, depending on the day in Lao, English or Lao or English Mathematics.As is often motivation after a long day at school difficult and it happens sometimes that the homework is postponed until tomorrow.Taking care of the children in the evenings depends on the business  obligations of the parents, the mother needs to be more present in the  restaurant yet.After a few weeks, and especially after a joint Thailand holiday, the  children have gained confidence in me and bring to bed and the German  bedtime story becomes a successful ritual.

In Guest House I am with the women who take care of the kitchen and the  room soon warmed up and they have kindly on-took me into their ranks.Sen, the young man at the front desk is my Informand what happens over  everything in the city, like speaking English with me and turns out to  be watching as a supporter and teacher for the Lao language.With pleasure I help then here and there in the Guest House from when he is  away from home or in the evenings when the staff is not there anymore.

Life here is exciting and interesting and just different.The people are very friendly and helpful and it's true, Laos is a country by serenity and peacefulness can be felt.What is happening today is good and what is coming tomorrow, we see just tomorrow.

I have plenty of time and opportunity to explore with the family or even  alone, the beautiful countryside around Luang Prabang, just as the city  with everything it has to offer.The markets with their diverse range of vegetables, fruits, special  features, such. As the algae from the Mekong, a variety of noodle soups, meat and fish and all the flower arrangements that need the Laotians of the temple, inspire me time and time again ,Mundet The Laotian cuisine and get me well, especially the Lab, Laotian  national dish, kau pun, good noodle soup and usually very sharp tam mak  hung, papaya salad.

I have never regretted my step on any day and brought my composure and  flexibility and is good place and can grow according to Laotian pattern.

61 jährige Au Pair stellt sich dem Abenteuer Australien

Aupairs der Generation 50plus weiter auf dem Vormarsch - ein Presseartikel aus dem März 2013

Vor einem Jahr richtete ein Zyklon in Australien über mehrere hundert Kilometer schwere Verwüstungen an. Vor wenigen Monaten erlebte die Nordostküste nun erneut heftige Stürme und Überschwemmungen. Aber der Kontinent fasziniert Touristen und Auswanderer und übt auf viele eine magische Anziehung aus.
So träumte auch Barbara C. aus München seit Jahren von einem Aufenthalt in “Down Under”, 16.000 km von ihrer bayerischen Heimat entfernt.
Im September letzten Jahres hatte Barbara C. einen Fernsehbericht über die Chancen als Aupair im Alter 50plus gesehen. Ihre Neugierde wurde geweckt und sofort informierte sie sich umfassend auf verschiedenen Portalen im Internet über ihre Chancen, eventuell den Reisetraum Australien auf diese Art zu verwirklichen.

Trend zur Au Pair Oma
Familien aus Deutschland, Österreich und der Schweiz, sowie vielen anderen Ländern suchen immer häufiger ältere Damen, die auch liebevoll Au Pair Omas genannt werden. Ein Aupair im Alter von 40, 50 oder 60 bringt viele Vorteile ein: Auf jeden Fall mehr Erfahrung als ein Jugendlicher, oft mehr Verständnis und Besonnenheit im Umgang mit Problemen, meist unaufgeforderte Hilfsbereitschaft. Au Pairs 50plus gehen kein Arbeitsverhältnis ein und unterliegen nicht den strengen Regeln und Schutzkriterien für jugendliche Au Pairs. Sie reisen als private Besucher und handeln die Bedingungen für den Aufenthalt in einer Gastfamilie selbst aus. Daher sind solche Au Pair 50plus Verhältnisse auch wesentlich preiswerter für eine Gastfamilie, da sie keine hohen Vermittlungsgebühren zahlen müssen und keine vorgeschriebenen Taschengelder. Einreise- und Visumbestimmungen sind ebenfalls unkomplizierter für ältere Au Pairs, da sie als Besucher reisen. Vermittlungsagenturen für Au Pair Omas vermitteln keine Arbeitsverhältnisse.

Bedingungen für den Aufenthalt regeln die Au Pair 50plus und die Gastfamilie selbstständig untereinander. Nachfrage besteht für Au Pairs für Kinder- und Haustierbetreuung, als Pflegeunterstützung, als Gesellschafterin, als Reisebegleitung, zur Hausbeaufsichtigung oder auch als Urlaubsvertretung für eine jugendliche Langzeit-Au Pair.

Erster Kontakt zur Gastfamilie
Die Münchnerin Barbara C. registrierte sich bei der norddeutschen Agentur “Aupair 50plus” mit ihrem Profil und einigen Grußzeilen an eine mögliche Gastfamilie.
Dann durchstöberte sie fast täglich die Angebote von Familien aus der ganzen Welt und fand plötzlich das Profil und die Beschreibung einer Familie mit 3 Kindern aus Brisbane im Wunschland Australien. Sofort kontaktierte Barbara C. diese Familie per eMail und erhielt tatsächlich umgehend ein nettes Antwortschreiben.
Familie Kapelski hatte schon jahrelange Erfahrungen mit jugendlichen Au Pairs gesammelt und war über das Internet ebenfalls auf die Agentur “Aupair 50plus” aufmerksam geworden. So wurde die Idee geboren, während der Urlaubszeit einer jungen Au Pair doch mal ein Au Pair 50plus für 2 bis 3 Monate einzuladen.

Der Traum wird Realität
Nach einigen Schriftwechseln und dem Austausch von Fotos stand für Familie Kapelski und Barbara C. fest, den Aufenthalt ab Januar 2013 zu buchen.
Die Münchnerin war hellauf begeistert. Motiviert beantragte sie ein Visum bei der Botschaft und buchte ihren Flug. Dass ihr ursprünglicher Wunschtraum sich nun plötzlich so einfach und schnell realisierte, hatte sie noch vor wenigen Wochen nicht vermutet.

“Nach einem langen Flug kam ich bestens in Australien an. Familie Kapelski hat mich sehr nett empfangen und ganz herzlich aufgenommen!” schrieb Barbara C. nach 2 Tagen des Eingewöhnens an die Agentur Aupair 50plus.
Im Februar kam ein weiterer Zwischenbericht: “Auf Anraten der Gastfamilie habe ich mich bei einer *Meetup* Gruppe angemeldet. Das ist die einfachste Art, Leute mit gleichen Interessen kennenzulernen.
Gestern habe ich mit dieser Gruppe an einem *Picnic und Walk* vom Wellington Point zum King Island teilgenommen. Es war wunderbares Wetter und einfach super, das Meer endlich zu sehen und zu riechen. Leider habe ich mir während der *Watt-Wanderung* die Füße – trotz Sonnenschutzcreme – übelst verbrannt. Das sind die Tücken der tropischen Sonne!”
Im März meldete sich Barbara C. wieder per eMail: “herzliche Grüße aus dem herbstlichen Brissie. Nach regnerischem und sehr unstetem Wetter scheint endlich wieder die Sonne. Die Natur ist nach dem vielen Regen wunderschön. Das ist das größte *Gewächshaus* in dem ich je wandern war. Mit der Familie klappt es wunderbar.”
Man darf gespannt sein, was die Münchnerin in ein paar Wochen als Fundus Ihrer Traumerfüllung mit nach Deutschland bringen wird.
Auf der Homepage der Vermittlungsagentur Aupair 50plus findet sich eine Weisheit, die bezeichnend für das Abenteuer Au Pair im Alter 50plus steht:

In life 3 things never return:
the dates you have experienced,
the experiences that you have collected,
the opportunities you missed.

Australien 4
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