There are certain conditions to be met by an au pair?

No. Open-mindedness, positive attitude and life experience are important. Aupairs should always think solution-oriented and not be set problem-oriented.

How does an au-ratio?

As a premium member you can get access via the login to the e-mail addresses of the other members. You can contact directly as an au pair any household and contact and as a  family every aupair if this also has the premium status.

Where do I get the login information for the login as a Premium Member?

After paying the premium fee, we will send you by email to confirm the change of your profile as a premium profile. Make a note of your login information, you have chosen during the registration itself and retain it for future reference.

What does membership cost at Aupair 50plus?

Your registration is free of charge. A premium status costs a fee. Additional costs are incurred!
Unlike other global agencies you need pay us no brokerage fees of several hundred euros. We collect no agency fee!

How long does a membership is valid at Aupair 50plus?

see premium Status

What should I insure before?

You should own a private liability insurance. It is important that travel health insurance and recommended a casualty. Clarify in advance what should be regulated in the case of a necessary  return transport due to accident or illness, and whether you hold a  relevant cover letter from your insurance company. In any case, you should talk to your insurance company and seek advice!

Figures the au pair host families money?

There are the contacts we provide no employment conveys! Details of the stay will be made directly between the host families and the au pairs. There are no rules.

Are customary free room and board, as they are traveling in a personal  of au pairs in which the au pair lives rather than a hotel with a loving family or a social project.

Must travel expenses (flights) are paid even?

Yes, as with any other private travel well. It is conceivable that one or the other family involved in the travel costs or invites.

How long does a stay?

The duration is usually 2, 3 or 6 months, sometimes longer, and is subject to the visa requirements of the country.

What a host family usually expected?

Aupair stands for "give and take". It should be derived that ideally developed a family-like and  family-related relationship between the au pair and the host family. All details of the au pair stay be agreed directly between the parties  (Aupair and host families) and best discussed and regulated in advance.

Has the agency Aupair 50plus information, you can send me?

You will find all the necessary information on our website. Otherwise, please contact us an e-mail to your question: faq@aupair-50plus.de

Is there an age limit for Aupair 50plus?

Every woman can judge for themselves whether they want to face a such an exciting challenge. A medical examination prior to an extended period abroad is always advisable.

Take advantage of this offer men?

Experience has shown that almost exclusively women are desired or asked for an au-similar relationship. It is of course also free men to sign up, to compete with a family.

Convey also couples who walk together abroad?

We operate for legal reasons no direct mediation. Our offer is in the form of the deployment and consolidation of contacts worldwide.

Which countries are in demand?

There are certain countries that are most frequently requested. These are mainly English-speaking countries. But even countries with Spanish, French, Italian or Portuguese language skills are found in the Offer.

Do you have to dominate as an au pair, the host country language?

It helps if you can communicate in principle. One of the motivations for going abroad but also always to develop its own language skills.

Are there any contacts of foreign women who want to come to Germany as an au pair?


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