Operating instructions for using this online-system

Orientation and Information

Please read our comments on the homepage.
Orient yourself to like the experience reports (page 1 and page 2) some of our members.
Then you should get an overview of the requests and offers of our au pair's and host procure.

First registration

If you are basically interested in contacts, sign up for free.
You will receive an email with a link that you please confirm. Thus we ensure that it is your own mail address with which you have logged in.
 Now you own for 4 weeks, the "Basic Membership" and fill in the required information from your profile.If you do not within the next 28 days premium status acquire your profile from the Agency may be deleted.


After the first details have been completed in the required fields, you can check out the LogIn log in at any time with your email address and password. You now have the opportunity to supplement your profile or to change at any time. The area after your login is as follows:

Interner Bereich

Will contact other profiles or even contacted by other

If you want to be contacted, or want to add to other profiles Contact, you need the Premium Membership.
You earn for a certain period.Then you will go out premium status again and you will automatically get back your basic membership.
With a premium status au pairs can contact each host / host families, while host / host families Au pairs can contact you.
Prerequisite for a contact is always that both sides have a premium status.
Premium Status
This is indicated symbolically in each case by a premium rating in the profiles.

1. Access
Your data consist of your email address and a password.Both can be changed at any time here.

2. Address data
Your address and phone number you can change at any time here. Your address (street and Hsnr,) as well as your phone number is not displayed in the public profile. This data serves only the deposit to the Agency.

3. Personal data
You can maintain your personal information, such as language skills, hobbies, driving license, likes, dislikes.
In some fields, a multiple selection is possible. Please do so, hold down the CTRL key and select several alternatives.

4. Application
In the deposited text box please write your personal message lines to the host or the au pair. The text you can change or supplement at any time.

5. Photos
Here you can upload up to 3 photos. The first image is always automatically the same time your profile picture.
Clicking on a profile on the photo, you can see more images, if multiple photos are stored.

6. Status
Be sure to maintain your status. It symbolizes the other members in your profile a green, red or yellow dot.








7. Activation
Activation and deactivation can be changed only by the Agency. Activated profiles are displayed, hidden remain disabled Profiles. This Regularium uses the agency for example when profiles do not respond to  letters or the profile has not been maintained for months. As the record of the profile is saved but, deactivation can always be undone. If you are concerned, please contact the agency via e-mail.

8. My favorites
Here you will find profiles that you have saved for review by clicking on a  link as a favorite for themselves in order to pursue this further  contact.

9. Search functions
Here you can search for profiles based on different criteria.


If you select a criteria, possibly open a second search window


Then you can narrow your search further:


10. Custom profile
Here you can see how your profile appears to other members.

11. All profiles
Here Au Pairs can look at all the profiles of families and families all profiles of Au Pairs.

12. Logout
Here each member can log out.

Update your own data after LogIn

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Attention: Using this web-offer it applies only German law and conditions.

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